White Mountain Poems

Poetry worth remembering.
Photos you will return to.

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More White Mountain Poems

As a sequel and companion to White Mountain Poems . . .
More poetry worth remembering.
More photos you will return to.

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Harold the Helpful Hiker

Education, character development,
and enjoyment for your child.
A White Mountain Children’s Adventure.

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Harold Leaps into Lake Winnie

Another enjoyable adventure
featuring Harold, informing and
educating as it entertains your child.

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Coming Soon:

Upon a Time in Maine

Wicked Savage Tales

Nine spooky,
supernatural stories
from Maine’s macabre
master of tales
John Derhak.

Coming Spring 2019

Under and Over the Snow

A White Mountain
Children’s Adventure

Woodland animals
visit Grandmother Dori
seeking advice.

Coming Spring 2019

Beyond the Forest — a series

Romance and adventure

Five novels follow Eva Gunderson
from Sweden to Boston and
eventually New Hampshire,
where she finds the love of her life.

Coming Summer 2019