Harold Whips a Wildfire

by Jeffrey Zygmont
illustrated by Daniel Pantano

Harold doesn’t know that a fire is simmering when he rushes into the forest. He’s chasing a squirrel that’s wearing roller blades, and the squirrel is moving fast. Surprised by the spreading wildfire, desperate to save small animals and their homes, Harold gets help from the squirrel, a crow and neighborhood pets. But it takes fire fighters reaching the blaze, and a scolding from his parents, to teach Harold the right ways to respond to a forest fire.
Colorfully and dynamically illustrated, Harold Whips a Wildfire starts with an ordinary neighborhood activity, two children at play together outdoors. It moves to a lesson in good manners as Harold franticly races to recover his friend’s toys. The story quickly turns to the big theme of wildfires and their effects. It gives a lesson in forest-animal habitat and wildfire danger, and it guides a child to the best response to a fire. While pleasing children with a playful, rollicking tale, the book illustrates neighborliness, and it shows responsibility in several ways, including care for the environment and respect for first responders.

Paperback / 40 pages / 8.5 by 8.5 inches / Publication: 2022 / ISBN 9780999116371



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