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The twenty-eight photographs in White Mountain Poems speak for themselves. They are the work of four New Hampshire photographers who embrace image-making as a means to express their respect, appreciation and admiration for the mountains, and to share the encounters with nature that engage, enrich and astound them.

The forty-one poems are new and original works written in the same spirit, to convey the wonder, mystery, majesty and charm that one New Hampshire poet observes during his own White Mountain adventures. Exploring scenes and examining activities that every reader will recognize, the poetry conveys in melodic and descriptive language the many thoughts, impulses and emotions the mountains inspire.

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White Mountain Poems is a 64-page art book presenting 41 new poems and 28 large-format color photographs of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Printed on top-quality, heavy-weight glossy paper, the hardcover book measures 8.5 by 8.5 inches square. It is a gift and keepsake item that will be appreciated both for its rich, vibrant photography and for its descriptive poetry that is written to appeal to a wide audience.

The book depicts scenes, images, activities and experiences that will please and resonate with New Hampshire residents and visitors alike.

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