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The five New Hampshire artists whose works make up White Mountain Poems – four photographers and one poet – are active and experienced mountain trekkers. They know New Hampshire’s slopes and summits intimately, through pursuits that include hiking and backpacking, skiing, cycling, rock climbing, ice climbing, snow shoeing, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Their pictures and poetry are tributes to the White Mountains, translating their respect, admiration and affection for the region into insightful and artistic representations. In White Mountain Poems, their words and images share their enthusiasms with you.

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A. Garrett Evans specializes in astrophotography, or the art of capturing night skies. His lifelong interest in photography ignited and he embraced it as a profession after digital cameras and computerized photo-editing techniques enabled him to translate his night visions into images that awaken the emotions of viewers. His photos have appeared at Space.com and Yahoo news. Visit Garrett’s website to learn more, to see his photos, and to contact him.

A. Garrett Evans

Ed Harrigan is a New Hampshire native who lives in the Mount Washington Valley, a bustling activity hub for the entire White Mountain region. In addition to his full-service photo business that provides wedding photography, portraits, and similar services, Ed records the vistas he encounters while pursuing outdoor activities like skiing and fly fishing. Ed’s photos, business information and contact instructions are available on his website.

Ed Harrigan Jim Salge

Jim Salge witnessed spectacular scenes on the very summit of the Whites, working as a meteorologist at the Mount Washington Observatory. The experience moved him to study photography. Using advanced camera techniques, he translates into pictures the stunning interplays of sky and mountains that he encounters during all-day excursions into the natural environment. See Jim’s results, learn more about him, and find contact details on his website.

Jeff Sinon

Jeff Sinon got to know the White Mountains by interacting with them, exploring the area as an outdoorsman. After observing so many inspiring vistas, and seeing so much wildlife in its natural habitat, Jeff took up photography to share his experiences. Today he specializes as a nature photographer who translates the unique aspects of outdoor New England into memorable images. You can see them on his website, find contact information, and learn more about his work.

Jeffrey Zygmont

Jeffrey Zygmont writes poetry in the New England tradition of Robert Frost, ambling in the woods to collect insights and impressions that he turns into rhythmic verse about the region’s rural and rustic experience. Jeff has three decades of experience writing in widely varied modes, from newspaper and magazine reporting, to short stories, narrative and novels. His poems are recognized for their vibrantly expressive, descriptive quality. Get more info at his website.