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A treasury of words and images that celebrate stunning nature




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White Mountain Poems concentrates the beauty, mystery and allure of New England’s high peaks in an art book. The 41 new poems collected here create a lasting literary tribute to the mountains. The accompanying photographs evoke the same awe and admiration that the poems express, and that we all experience each time we encounter the Whites.

The book’s creators, poet Jeffrey Zygmont, with photographers A. Garrett Evans, Ed Harrigan, Jim Salge and Jeff Sinon, know the White Mountains from their own avid adventures and activities. Through inspired words and stirring pictures in White Mountain Poems, they share with you their wonder and enthusiasm for the region.

Whether as a keepsake for yourself, or a gift for a hiker, skier, traveler, or other enthusiast and adventurer, White Mountain Poems extends your enjoyment and appreciation of New Hampshire’s extraordinary peaks into literature and art, through descriptive poetry and riveting photography that inspires, entertains and captivates.

This lavishly illustrated poetry collection is available at book stores and gift shops in New Hampshire, or through this website.

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