Free People Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor of books about New England. Our books appeal to a broad, general audience of people with wide-ranging interests. We produce and sell high quality books that cover a wide literary spectrum, from richly illustrated children’s books to engaging novels and short-story collections, to keepsake art books that capture New England in vivid poetry and vibrant pictures. At Free People Publishing, we strive to deliver literary works of lasting merit, presented in attractive, well crafted volumes that will endure as valued possessions.

We believe that literature becomes significant when it reaches ordinary people, and touches them in ways that enrich their lives. Accordingly, while our books strive for high literary quality, they work just as hard to remain accessible and appealing to common readers.

Free People Publishing began when author Jeffrey Zygmont ventured into independent publishing in 2011 for his novel I Am Bill Gates Dog, followed by the novels Adman in the Games of 2046 and The Drop Out. Those books were written for the national market. With the publication of Zygmont’s White Mountain Poems in 2015, followed by More White Mountain Poems in 2017, Free People Publishing refined its approach to focus on books that showcase New England. At the same time, Free People Publishing expanded operations to become a book distributor as well as publisher, placing its books in stores and shops throughout New England.

Free People Publishing remains a regionally focused publisher and distributor of enduring works of literature that capture the New England experience across a wide literary spectrum.