John Derhak

John Derhakā€™s writing career began when he was a scribe for the rock band moe. He turned fictional dispatches about the band into the book Tales from the moe.republic, a kind-of mock travelogue and diary set in Maine. His other books include Chill Your Cockles, The Bones of Lazarus, and The Guardian Angel of Death.

John’s collection of 10 spooky stories from Free People Publishing, Upon a Time in Maine; Wicked Savage Tales, combines his penchant for frightening readers with his deep understanding of Maine lifestyles and Maine landscapes, obtained from the many years he lived in the state.

Today John divides his time between Nashville, the Czech Republic, and New England. He won the annual Czech, Brno short story writing prize in 2018. He is recognized by a society of scholars affiliated with the Church of St. Lazarus in Athens, Greece, for his written contributions to the Lazarus legend. See for more information.