Harold Skis the Steeps

by Jeffrey Zygmont
illustrated by Daniel Pantano

Harold is just learning how to ski when two aggressive children force him to the top of a ski trail. Unable to ski down on his own, Harold accepts the help of Francine, a friendly and reassuring senior woman. As Francine coaches Harold down the slope, he learns that the children who taunted him are less than they pretended. Harold gains skiing skill while he sees the value of trust, courtesy, respect and gratitude, and he feels the pride of accomplishment. Harold Skis the Steeps is filled with fast-moving action and puzzling predicaments that keep children interested and eager for the next page. While it entertains them, the story also shows children the problems of peer pressure and bullying. It demonstrates how positive character traits and good social skills can help them overcome difficult challenges. The book shows the value of trust, friendship and cooperation between young and old. It also encourages outdoor activity.

Paperback / 38 pages / 8.5 by 8.5 inches / Publication: 2020 / ISBN 9780999116357


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