Harold the Helpful Hiker

by Jeffrey Zygmont
illustrated by Daniel Pantano

This richly illustrated and artfully designed children’s book features Harold as a reluctant hiker who doesn’t want to journey with his parents to the top of a mountain. But along the way he encounters woodland animals who encourage him and even join in Harold’s adventure. Harold learns to be a helpful companion, while together the band of eager hikers discovers the importance of initiative, perseverance, cooperation and teamwork to overcome obstacles and attain the challenging goal of reaching the summit. While it emphasizes and reinforces those important personal qualities, Harold the Helpful Hiker unfolds as a pleasing and entertaining tale. At the same time, the book teaches children about nature and the natural environment, as it accurately depicts the behavior of animals and their relationships in the wild. Harold the Helpful Hiker celebrates nature and promotes positive character traits, while it makes children smile.

Paperback / 42 pages / 8.5 by 8.5 inches / Publication: 2019 / ISBN 9780999116326


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