Upon a Time in Maine

Wicked Savage Tales

Horror stories by John Derhak

This collection of ten wicked savage tales carries you from Maine’s coastal fishing villages to its rural towns, back-road fuel stops, woodland camps, vacation resorts, and into the foreboding forests of the state’s wild interior. The stories scare you, with vengeful devils, deceptive demons, recurring curses, ravenous tree wolves, wailing banshees and horrible fiends, all tormenting forsaken souls. Author John Derhak places you in horrifying forests. He mystifies you within frozen landscapes, unnatural dreamscapes, deserted graveyards, haunted neighborhoods and decrepit mansions. With his off-kilter imagination fully focused on terror, mystery, and the strange substances we sense but very seldom see, John delivers ten supernatural tales that you need to read with all of your lights turned on.

Paperback / 170 pages / 6 by 9 inches / Publication: 2021 / ISBN 9780999116364


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