Harold Leaps into Lake Winnie

by Jeffrey Zygmont
illustrated by Daniel Pantano

When Harold tries to turn around a canoe tied to a dock, he miscalculates, embarking on an adventure that introduces him to New England lake culture. With a frog as a companion, Harold engages with animals as he learns watercraft skills. Teamwork, compromise, and compassion combine to make Harold’s lake trip an entertaining and educational drama. Harold Leaps into Lake Winnie is set on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee, but the environment and the experiences depicted in the story relate to all New England lakes. While it delights and engages children, the book also promotes the qualities of responsibility, generosity and friendship. It warns against peer pressure and bad advice. Along the way, the story depicts animal habitats and animal relationships in the wild. While informing children, Harold Leaps into Lake Winnie captivates them with fast-moving, fun adventure.

Paperback / 40 pages / 8.5 by 8.5 inches / Publication: 2019 / ISBN 9780999116333


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